ANIMO Stars Arena

The Game

ANIMO STARS ARENA is a free to play third-person multiplayer shooter blending multiple modes, mechs and playstyles! Jump on board your mech and battle other pilots in high-octane combat across diverse environments in the ANIMO universe. We believe that ANIMO Stars Arena is more than just a game. It is a community where players can come together to compete, have fun, and make new friends. We are excited to be a part of this community, and we look forward to the continued growth and development of ANIMO Stars Arena in the years to come.

ANIMO Stars Arena

Build The

Perfect Mech

Pick your favorite from an ever-growing list of available Pilots, Weapons, engines and more. Your personalized battle-ready machine is awaiting!

Mech Builder (Coming Soon)

Pick Your Favorite

Game Mode


Team Rumble

Team up with 5 other players in a showdown match. Destroy your enemies to earn points. First team to reach 30 points wins the match!

A.K.A. Team Deathmatch


Protect & Retrieve

Retrieve the ATOM-CORE from the enemy base while defending your own. First team to secure 3 CORES WINS THE MATCH.

A.K.A. Capture The Flag


Rogue Royale

FREE FOR ALL. Every player is on their own in this chaotic game mode. Every player gets 3 lives, last player standing wins.

A.K.A. Free For All


Ranked Rumble

Make your way from bronze to champion by becoming the greatest pilot. Ranked rumble is played like team rumble except every win improves your ranked score.

A.K.A. Competitive Mode